This is the short intro into the story of my life.

My name is Ryan Nelson. I was born December, 6 1988 in Jacksonville, Fl. As of now I reside in the somewhat quiet town of Howell, Mi. Up until this last week I was employed by Banana Republic and Under Armour at a little outlet mall by my house but after getting activated to deploy to Afghanistan I am leaving those two places to fulfill my military calling. That being said I am in the USMC reserves and have been for 4 years. Right now I am an E4. My time is usually spent with my girlfriend of nearly 2 years Veronica and our adopted 2 year old son(black lab), Louis Vuittion. Named by his mother, Veronica, if you hadn’t already guessed. When I am not with the 2 loves of my life or at work you will most likely find me doing something physical and active as I enjoy staying fit and in shape. “physiques don’t build themselves” I am about as laid back as they come, my sarcastic sense of humor stretches a little further then appropriate sometimes and I try not to be judgmental but sometimes it’s harder then it looks. That about sums me up.

This is me and the beautiful lady.


The son, Louis.