Being bored one night I stumbled upon(not literally) a site with 250 journal ideas. It looked like it was directed at a high school class project but I decided I would give it a shot. Whether or not I make it through the 250, I will most defiantly give it my best shot. here it goes…
1. If you won the texas lottery what would you do?
Seeing as I don’t live in texas this question is not possible, I will change it to what I would do if I won the mega millions lotto for our state. Im guessing the texas lotto is a big one so I will say the mega millions is for $250 million, so we don’t get confused with trying to decide what to do with a small lotto win of 1-5 million and just jump to the big guns. Because everyone wants to win big, right? This is kinda funny because me and Veronica watched, Castle, last night  and it was about someone winning the lotto and Castle kept asking what people would do if they won. Little added side note now back to the big question that everyone thinks about but few get to enjoy. Well I pick my numbers and I see them announced, after the shock goes away and the reality sets in I eventually claim my ticket. I cant imagine it feeling real until after a few large purchases. My guess after taxes 250 mil is going to end up around 180ish million because im not one to take it in payments, I want cold, hard cash and I want it now! Before anything I would probably give some money to my dad, enough to retire with. I would most likely start by giving him a nice million just to get things going good and to relax him. Id give my mom around 500,000-million just because she hasn’t worked has hard or doesn’t stress as easily as my dad and they live together and are married still so its all going to the same place. Id probably give each of my siblings; james, joe, and taylor, anywhere in the ball park of 500,000-750,000. I have a lot of money and I don’t need to be giving it all away at the beginning and if they think that’s not enough that’s all they need! Ok, now that that’s taken care of lets think of number 1, me and veronica! Not just me because I think of us as a team and were most certainly together on this. Id rent an apartment somewhere pretty nice while I built the house of my dreams. This house would be in the ballpark of $1-10 million and consist of some of the following; basketball court, huge garage, swimming pools(indoor and out), Jacuzzi, 4-6 bedrooms, and more things that would be picked out during the designing. It would be a house of houses. The yard would be a very appropriate size for all sorts of recreational activities. My garage wouldn’t go to waste as I would keep it filled with the likes of some sports bikes, a Ferrari, hummer h1, and some mid-grade luxury and sports cars for every day driving. don’t think because im not picking things out that id buy veronica that I don’t love her, Id just give her enough money so I don’t have to buy her things right away. After settling down with the new house and cars id set up good enough trust funds for up to 4 kids(if things get out of hand ;)) to go to college for 5 years, get a car, and get a house. The rest is on them, if you cant make it on a start like that then you don’t deserve to! I cant describe everything I would do with the money because it would take far too long but after fulfilling my family and self needs I would find some good honest families and charities and donate money and help out with less fortunate people.
I could obviously go much further in depth with that amount of money but I didn’t want it to get too out of hand or boring so I will leave it there.

Wouldn’t it be nice?