“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I saw this and thought it’s how I try to live. Sometimes people try to make me not think this(V! Just kidding :)) I just don’t think being upset or holding grudges is a smart or good way to go. Life’s too short to be upset or angry so why waste time doing it when most of the things you get upset about aren’t things that will affect you enough that you should be wasting the energy on it. Just a little something from my heart, seeing how I’m such a deep person and everything… That’s a joke by the way.

5.   My dream house

What an easy but detailed question for today. Where to start, where to start. It’s got to be big, not just big, but enormous! This is my “dream” house so it doesn’t have to be realistic at all. I’d like it to sit on a small piece of land, maybe 300-400 acres. It’d somewhat resemble a castle. I can’t say how many rooms it would have but it would be an absurd amount. I’d defiantly have to have a pool inside and one of the infinity pools outside, with a waterfall. A race track would be out back for the multitude of cars in my garage. Indoor and outdoor basketball courts for my free time, a full sized football and baseball field would be included. Elevators, stairs, escalators, and fire poles would be scattered around the house to help get from floor to floor. It would have a bowling alley, dance room with a surround sound stereo, lights, and fog machine, full service bar, laser tag, and arcade. There would be a full service salon so Veronica could get her nails and eyebrows done whenever she feels like. This is all I can think of at the moment but I’m sure this house would have a lot more.

This is a good start!

With the upcoming deployment people ask me how me and V are taking it and how she’s handling it. It hasn’t been too hard because it always felt like it was never going to get here but now that it’s knocking at the door it’s feeling more and more real everyday. And I would be lying if I said it wasn’t getting to me just a little… From today I have around 22 days left to spend with Veronica until I’ll be gone for a year and it sure won’t be an easy one. I keep telling myself that there is a lot of people that go through this and have it a whole lot worse and it does help to relieve some of the stress it still is a hard thing to go through. It’s not the fact that I’m going to a hostile environment that makes me nervous, maybe it’s because I am young and stupid with the Marine mentality that I am invincible but I am 110% sure that I will come home and I have no fear of anything happening to me because, well, I am invincible! It’s just the being away from Veronica that is going to be the hardest, and don’t get me wrong I know we can make it through this because we’ve made it through some hard times and our love has been tested many times(mostly by my stupidity, so I know that we can do this and come back and be stronger than ever. I don’t know, I guess it’s just something you have to go through to experience. I’m going to stop this rambling and just say that as hard as this year will be coming home will be so much worth it and more. I get to come back to the most amazing girl anyone could ever imagine. I get to come back to our precious little son(that better not forget about me!) I get to start school and not have to work while I’m doing it so I can focus all my energy on it. It’ll be nice to start laying down a foundation for my future, it has kind of been put of but the later start has given me more time to think about what I want to do with my life(maybe for a later post). So it will be a challenge but I think it is going to pay itself off and be worth it in the long run and I sure hope Veronica sees it this way too.