This is going to be a short one. Not much has happened in my life since the last one because I’m still wasting my life away in Grayling. The first and probably biggest news to happen, which I shouldn’t say yet because it isn’t public. I guess it doesn’t really matter with my 2 devoted fans it isn’t going to spread fast. But back to the big news! There is about a 99% chance the Afghanistan deployment is cancelled! Now hold the shock and awe because with the way word has been changing every 2 hours it could go back in a heartbeat but it’s looking like I won’t have a chance of getting any combat action. Rumors are that we are going to do a UDP(unit deployment program). I’m not 100% sure what that is or how it works but from what I’ve heard it means we will still deploy in the time slot of our original plan but just to another place with a different mission. The two places being talked about, which is only speculation, are Okinawa, Japan and Africa. I’d rather go to Africa because it sounds more exotic and Japan seems more common. But my vote doesn’t count so it doesn’t matter. If were not going to Afghan then I’ll be happy as long as I get that year deployment for the GI bill. If we can get a deployment under Operation Enduring Freedom it will let me use the post 9/11 GI bill which would be even better. The reason behind this is something with the debt, Obama wanting to get re-elected, and our “mission” getting cancelled. I feel like these things that you hear about somehow always happen to me, but that’s life in the military. “Gettin screwed by the big green weenie”. That’s the Marine way to put it. Besides all this, my days are filled with what every other day surrounded by “manly men” would be like. Constant stories of drunken nights, who’s had the most sex, and arguements about insignificant topics just to kill time. And in other, other news I still miss my wittle baby V and our son Louis. Even though I’ve only been gone for 17 days(I think), I miss them after being away for over then 12 hours.