I’m sitting at my computer, really bored

If I don’t do something soon I’ll end up in the mental ward

My baby is at the mall getting worked like a dog

I’m sweaty and I stink from a short little jog

She wants me to bring her up a small snack to graze on

If we lived by an airport I’d just stop at a cinnabon

Being white makes it hard to find words that rhyme

So I have to use Google so I don’t waste too much time

My stomachs starting to growl, so I’m gonna eat some chicken

There’s been no food at home so it was kind of slim pickin

I miss my boy, Lou, and  I wish he was here

But all he’d be doing is trying to get me to itch his rear

My vocabulary is pretty small so I’m done with this crap

It’s a good thing I don’t really think I can rap