Hi guys! I’m back and better than ever! Well not literally but I am back. I guess you can just call it being lazy or lack of motivation. I just didn’t really feel like writing anything on here. Just coming back to this surprised me because my very short attention span is usually a road block for long term things, like this. This is just going to be a random babbling of whatever I feel like talking about. Right now the topic will be my love interest, Veronica. She is being quite the little brat right now, trying to make me think she is going to watch, “Castle”. That is one of the few shows that we watch together that I kindly asked her to record so we can watch it at another time. But no, Veronica has to be typical Veronica and make everything into a mean joke to me! I say this with all the love in the world because I know(hope) she is just joking with me. Since I’m writing this to my large fan-base of around zero I guess I don’t really have to make this blog very appeasing to anyone. I recently had an interview at the Younker’s in Lansing. I felt like it went pretty well. It lasted longer than 10 minutes which is more than most of the interviews I have had. I should hear back from them next week, so keep your fingers crossed! It’s a full time with benefits job, starting at $9 an hour. $9 an hour is pretty lame considering the store sells shirts for around $100. How you can’t afford to pay an “area manager” atleast $10 just blows my mind but it’s better than what I’m at now and I will most defiantly take it until something better comes along, and hopefully it will! I think it’s pretty funny that when I am given a paper in school that needs to be between 500-1000 words, it is practically like suicide writing it. When I am given a blank template and can write about whatever I want, however I want it’s very easy to get a decent word count. Now that I brought it up, I am actually kind of bored writing now. Leaving my current count around 370, which I can say I’m pretty proud of. Good night world.