This is something I am quite familiar with and thought it would be funny to write about. If you have worked out at a gym for an extended period of time you will start to see the common gym stereotypes. They’re usually found at any gym, anywhere in the country. They sound, but are not limited to, something like this.

1. “Washed-up bodybuilder” – The first one we will talk about is the guy that thinks he runs the gym. He will usually be found around the free weight section of the gym because that is where men workout. You usually know he is there as soon as you walk in by hearing the sounds of loud grunts and/or slamming weights. These guys usually think they don’t have to re-rack their weights or wipe down the equipment. This is a right they deserve from the years of blood, sweat, and tears lost to the “iron”. Their workout is started in a hoody to get a nice pump before revealing a very small tank top. You’re better off staying away from these characters because too much time around them and you might think it’s acceptable behavior.

2. “Rico-Suave” – The next one flows smoothly with the first because these 2 can sometimes be friends in the gym. This is the guy that is seen talking to girls more than actually working out in the gym. Their hair is usually perfect and is this way from the time they spend fixing it in the mirrors. The “Rico Suave” uses the gym, more as a social event to try picking up women then anything else. They are usually in pretty good shape, giving them the big-head to think they have a chance with any girl in the place. These guys are most likely going to do something is law enforcement or work as a fire fighter. There’s usually no point in approaching this type of person unless you are a very, attractive woman.

3. “Betty Bend-Over” – Usually a good friend with the #2, this is the lady that goes to the gym to impress men. She is usually doing some sort of work out using her legs or butt. As long as this workout machine is in a spot that can be seen by all the guys in the gym. She will most likely be the “hottest” girl at the gym and knows it. For some reason she believes that every muscle is worked out better if you stick your butt out while doing the exercise. As a guy talking to her is just falling into her trap and should be avoided at all costs.

4. “Robo-couple” – This is that couple that is always moving in the gym. Usually in the best possible shape a human being can be in. They get this way from the 5 marathons they run a week. Always trying to outdo each other they are usually found competing in different athletic events from 5k runs to Ironman competitions. They are never big, muscle people because the majority of their workouts involve some sort of high intensity cardio. Approaching them would only mean a brief conversation, ruining their heart-rate would ruin the workout.

5. “High School Athletes” – The name describes it perfectly. The group of teenage guys that are usually on the football team. One of the most obnoxious groups you can have at the gym. They are usually found doing curls or bench press. Because all you need in life is big arms and a big bench, right dude? Outfits usually include something that will let it be known that they are on the varsity football team. Their lifting technique is usually incorrect due to their un-qualified coach teaching them the “right way”. You would never want to approach these guys but you might have an awkward run-in at the local grocery store on a weekend night when they are “hey-mistering”.

6. “Guy that can’t lose weight” – This is the fat guy/girl that is on the treadmill day and night. No matter how much they are there they never seem to look any different. It’s like this person burns 1500 calories a day at the gym but goes straight to an all you can eat buffet for every meal of the day. Quite a sad story actually, these people are usually one of the nicest in the gym. If they could step away from the Little Debbie aisle and the grocery store they could probably look like they actually go to the gym. They will usually strike up a conversation as you tread next to them.

This is just a few of the most common stereotypes you can find. I honestly don’t think the gym would be the same without them.