I sit here, bored waiting to go to the gym. I get to work the exciting night shift with “Shirt” tonight. Woo! Not much is on my mind today. Except for the fact that I am not the biggest fan of cold weather. It drains all of the life out of me and makes me want to do nothing. When it’s sunny and nice out it’s so much easier to want to be outside doing things and enjoying it. When it’s cool and cloudy it makes it so much easier to want to be bundled up in a blanket, snuggled with your significant other or little dog :). Michigan winters are definitely not for me!

I started watching “Modern Family” with V. It is now one of my favorite shows. We watched the first 7 or 8 episodes yesterday after my manager let me borrow season 1 on DVD. I usually don’t watch comedies on TV because they are mostly the same but this one is actually really funny.

I will end this by saying, I love caffeine!